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Open letter from a Colombian to the World


I woke up today to see the FIFA tag full of insults and hatred towards Camilo Zuñiga..it seems to be people think Neymar´s injury was some sort of thing Colombians and Zuñiga would be proud and happy of… You couldn´t be more wrong. Actually, it amazes me how people have the nerve to think and say such things after seeing our performance in the cup.  After our team proved to be anything but disrespectful and mean during the games.

In every fucking match Colombia showed respect for its opponent. We never understimated anyone, neither thought anyone was worse than us. We came to this World Cup with our feet on the ground,to fulfill a dream, to be part of something we hadn´t been  part of in ages. Just being able to participate was like a dream to us…we never imagined we would get that far. Every game was suffered. Every victory felt to the core. That team made us believe once more. Gave us faith and united colombians like nothing had ever done so before.; hey and this is coming from a Country that has been victim of armed conflict and violence for more than 50 years. And this wasn´t only felt by the people, it was felt by the players, by Pékerman and is something that was shown in every match. 

Colombian´s joy, love and most of all RESPECT was clear in every game. The team never stomped on the opponent when it won, neither they thought themselves better than anyone. Actually quite the opposite. They comforted players of the other teams, and played every game with their hearts and souls. They were evidence of fair play, group work and healthy competition. 

So for me is quite astonishing to wake up to this mass of negativity, insults and most of all DISRESPECT. It feels like a slap in the face after yesterday´s events. Not only did the FIFA interfered through that referee in the match, but it also had the nerve to congratulate him for it, when historical football players, and commentators have said so themselves that it wasn´t a fair game. Not only that but the world is focusing on Neymar´s injury , insulting and wishing the worst for Zuñiga, as if the injustices committed in the game had never happened.  

Neymar´s injury is something Colombia and Zuñiga himself are not happy about. How could we be happy for it when he is an amazing player? Who in his right mind would? Zuñiga didn´t comitted the foul with malice or intention to harm…do you honestly believe that COLOMBIA AFTER SUCH RESPECTABLE PERFORMANCE IN THE CUP WOULD DARE TO DO SUCH THING? SUCH LOW THING?.  Of course not.

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